Poland Networking visit to RadomKlima project (LIFE14CCA/PL/000101)-1-2 February 2017

FEEfest 2017 – 12-13 January 2017

Seminar participation ‘Water Problems and Solutions- A Comprehensive Approach’ – 24 January 2017

MCCAA Green Roof Standard Workshop – January 2017

Monitoring Green Roof Performance – Malta and Italy

MCCAA Green Roof Standard Workshop – May 2016

Monitors’ Visit – May 2016

Inauguration of the Demonstration Green Roof in Malta – May 2016

V18 Green Fest – Valletta

Works at Politecnico di Milano

Mid-term Seminar Italy – Nov 2015

Voluntary Work with the LifeMedGreenRoof Project

Maltese Green Roof

Construction of the Maltese Green Roof

Italian Green Roof

Construction of the Italian Green Roof

Production of DVD

Networking and Visits to the project – Malta & Italy

Flora and Invertebrates Recorded on the Green Roofs

Setting up the Trials

Project Promotion

Plant propagation – Malta

Plants and Media Trials – Italy

Official Project Launch – 28th November 2013

  University of Malta    MCCAA    MAc lab    Fondazione Minoprio